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Writen Translation

Translation service of Aspect Translation has 2 years of experience in the field of translating service rendering. Qualified translators fulfill written translations of technical, commercial, legal, medical documentation and private papers also. Attested with our stamp documents are recognized in all countries of the world. Also we can perform translations for the following notarization.

Customers from other cities do not need to come in order to perform a translation. They may send documents by fax and email and to receive the finished translation by post.

  • Sectors:
  • Technical Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Business Translation
  • Marketing and Advertising Translation
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation
  • Interpretation

    Aspect Translation offers consecutive interpretation services in more than 30 languages. Commonly used in one-on-one or small group settings, our consecutive interpreters maintain strict standards of professionalism and possess exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills to help facilitate interactions between two (and sometimes more) languages.

    Generally used for large conferences or meetings and/or environments where two or more languages are required, simultaneous interpretation is a much more complex and strenuous process than consecutive interpretation. Interpreters sit in an isolated booth, listen to the speaker through a headset, and speak the translation into a microphone, which is wirelessly transmitted to headsets worn by audience members. Sometimes referred to as U.N. style interpretation, this service requires trained interpreters and specialized equipment, all of which can be provided by Aspect Translation.

    Editing Services

    At Aspect Translation , all translations are edited. You will not have to order it separately, it is in the price already. If you require proofreading or editing of a material translated by a third person, we are happy to do that as well. In case of proofreading, we read and correct the text according to linguistic correctness and intelligibility.

    In case of editing, we check the translated text based on the source text. The editor checks, if everything is transmitted in the translation without leaving anything out; if the terms are correct and appropriate; and whether the translation is logical and grammatically correct..

    Conference Services

    Aspect Translation Conference Services group provides everything you need to make your global meetings successful, including:

  • On-site interpretation services (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, escort)
  • Assistive listening for hearing-impaired audience members
  • Document translation for meeting and conference materials
  • On-site coordinators and meeting planners
  • Registration website localization
  • Audio and video transcription
  • Interpretation equipment rental

  • Each meeting is assigned to a specialty event manager within TransPerfect who acts as an extension of your event planning team. Our top priority is ensuring that your meetings run smoothly and accomplish their objectives. For a conference services consultation.